EXEDY SINGLE SPORTS S Metal Flywheel For NISSAN Silvia S13/RPS13 NF02


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SINGLE SPORTS S Metal Flywheel
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The EXEDY Sports Series is ideal for Motorsport use incorporating friction material with high heat resistance properties and high strength fibers making the Sports Series an ideal clutch for street, circuit or drifting. SPORTS (S) METAL: Unique metallic configuration and low gravity metallic material. T5001 Carborich, made light weight (Inertia is 10% lower than the genuine part). This thick type disc has excellent heat dissipation characteristics. The series can be applied to street as well as the coopetition user. They are also applicable to rally for which torque and high heat resistance are required, and to street sports for longer life. CLUTCH COVER: These clutch covers are designed to achieve a clamping load that is 40% higher than the genuine part enabling a higher torque transmitting capacity. Ductile material is used for all p.plate and high burst strength can be achieved in all temperature ranges. Applications for thin R metal disc and genuine thickness (Thick S metal disc and organic disc) are available. RACING FLYWHEEL: The all-new EXEDY flywheel combines low weight, low inertia and high thermal capacity. It is designed for lightly tuned racing cars for Gymkhana and Dirt trial events, as well as street usage. Unlike conventional lightweight products, this flywheel provides better response and output in high speed operation without sacrificing low-speed torque.
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