Since the establishment of OKUYAMA Co.,Ltd. as an After-Market Auto Parts Manufacturer in 1977, we have been developing various parts including Roll Bars, Strut Bars and Body Reinforcement Parts.
We have our own motor sports team, “TEAM OKUYAMA”, that has been aggressively participating in Japanese domestic motor sport competitions like JAPAN NATIONAL DIRT TRYAL CHAMPIONSHIP as well as JAPAN JIMCARNA CHAMIPIONSHIP Our team became the Champion in Class D (unlimited modifications) at the JAPAN JIMCARNA CHAMIPIONSHIP for 3 consecutive years (1988-1990).
We also became the Series Champion in 1993 with our Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I at JAPAN NATIONAL DIRT TRYAL CHAMPIONSHIP. And in 2003 we became the Champion again with our Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III.
Our modification parts that we sell were being developed/manufactured using the practical data we acquired in the above-mentioned competitions.
We understand motor vehicles are not just regarded as one of the means of transportation, but also are considered to be indispensable item to make peoples life comfortable and enjoyable. And therefore improvement of its safety as well as comfort is endlessly expected to the industry.
After the recent amendment of Japanese domestic safety standards for motor vehicles, in the After-Parts market, demands for higher level of plans, development, quality, and competitive prices are also becoming greater.
We will step forward into the new field, making full use the data we have accumulated, polish up and advance our technology, suggesting attractive plans that brings up to the mark, to enhance brand loyalty, and most of all, meet our customers’ expectations.
As one of the market leading manufacturers, we make two keywords, HIGH PERFORMANC and HIGH QUALITY, as axis of our motto; we will never stop our R&D activities to deliver even more advanced products that live up to all expectations of our customers.

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