Join Our Rewards Program

BlackHawkJapan offers Rewards Program for customers to pursue their passions by getting more for less. By clicking "Earn Rewards" button on the left bottom of the top page, you can apply your earned points to your next purchase.
Account registration is required for using our Rewards Program. 


1. Earning Points

3% Points Back on All Purchases(3 points for every ¥1 JPY spent)

Product price: ¥10,000 JPY (about $100 USD)
Points Back: 30,000 Points = ¥300 JPY (about $3 USD) 

* 100 Points = ¥1 JPY  (10,000 Points = $1 USD)
* Conversion Rate Used: $1 USD = ¥100 JPY
* 3% points back will not be applied to the bulk discounted orders. Please refer to "Bulk Discounts" in FAQ.


2. Spending Points

Discount Coupons for purchasing the products can be redeemed by spending earned points. There are 8-level coupons available.

¥500 Off Coupon (Require 50,000 Points) => about $5 USD Off
¥1,000 Off Coupon (Require 100,000 Points) => about $10 USD Off
¥2,000 Off Coupon (Require 200,000 Points) => about $20 USD Off
¥5,000 Off Coupon (Require 500,000 Points) => about $50 USD Off
¥10,000 Off Coupon (Require 1,000,000 Points) => about $100 USD Off
¥15,000 Off Coupon (Require 1,500,000 Points) => about $150 USD Off
¥20,000 Off Coupon (Require 2,000,000 Points) => about $200 USD Off
¥25,000 Off Coupon (Require 2,500,000 Points)  => about $250 USD Off

* Only one coupon can be used at one purchase.
* Conversion Rate Used: $1 USD = ¥100 JPY


3. How to spend earned points and  use redeemed coupon?

Please follow the Step-1 to Step-6 to spend your earned points and use the redeemed coupon to your order.

Step-1. Click "Earn Rewards" button on the left bottom of the top page.


Step-2. Scroll the page and click "Earn More Points".

Step-3. Choose the coupon you want to use by clicking "Redeem" button on the right side.


Step-4. A coupon code is displayed on the page and a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered mail address.


Step-5. Click "Copy" button on the screen or copy the code from the received confirmation mail, and paste the code to the "Discount" bar in the checkout page. 



Step-6. Click "Apply" button next to the "Discount" bar and confirm the code is displayed in the "Discount" section in RED font.


4. Points History

You can view your points history of both earning and spending from "MY POINTS ACTIVITY" section by clicking "Earn more Points".

Step-1. After clicking "Earn Rewards" button on the left bottom of the top page, scroll the page and click "Earn More Points".

Step-2. You can see all the history of your points earning and spending from "MY POINTS ACTIVITY" section.


If you have more questions about our Rewards Program, please Contact Us or email us at