ZeroFighter motto is to properly feed back the hardships and setbacks, experience and knowledge cultivated in the race to all our customers' cars!
All employees, including those who participated in the Suzuka Clubman Race (one-make race), are staff members who are active on the circuit, including Honda Civic. We actually drive and check the feel to help improve various products and technologies!
Also, by driving on the circuit, I would like to find a good direction for my car at the position closest to the customer and grow together.
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! We'll be expecting you.

Our shop will provide you with technology that can only be done by a race shop, which cannot be imitated by dealers, not only racing cars, which are mainly Honda cars, but also ordinary passenger cars and light cars! !! Of course, you are welcome to bring in tuning and custom maintenance of vehicles purchased at other stores ♪ Please feel free to contact us for anything.

We also carry out official vehicle inspections for modified vehicles. Please feel free to inquire about all official approvals such as engine, MT replacement, vehicle width, air suspension, hydro, welfare vehicle (8 number registration).

Although it is a small shop in Nara, we are working hard every day to provide technology that will satisfy our customers and make them feel free to visit us. Thank you for your cooperation!

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