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EVO 4-9
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As with the other EXPROME series, the exhaust manifold for 4G63 finally completed through a long test period in order to realize balanced performance from low to medium speed to high speed like the other EXPLUMS series. At the early stages of development, we started testing with a genuine engine to know the potential of genuine exhaust manifold, preparing many prototype types handmade at the same time, compare various kinds of other company's products, and as a result of careful testing over the long term, I got the highest performance.
Responses instantaneously responding to accelerator by unequal length short pipe, power feeling to penetrate from medium speed to high speed range by margin φ 45 pipe, and sound effect of SUS 304 are added, and not only for EVO drivers and passengers Feeling of super excitement felt by the five senses. In terms of quality, we used the lost wax process for all parts of the exhaust manifold. Lost wax recipe is created by making each part one piece, boasts very stable quality. Although there are many merits, first of all it suppresses the occurrence of cracks in the exhaust manifold which tends to be strength to the utmost. In addition, it enables designs impossible with bending pipes, etc., and the ease of installation and certainty is satisfactory. All materials from the flange part to the pipe part are made of SUS 304 stainless steel material, contributing to weight reduction and corrosion resistance capability. The kit contents are not only equipped with all the short parts involved in the installation, but also the heat bandage that suppresses temperature rise in the engine room is equipped as standard. In addition, we also line up the specification with the heat protector that looks sharp, giving the performance beauty visually. After years of development, the ultimate exhaust manifold finally appeared. Please feel it.
Standard accessories
Exhaust Manifold Body / Exhaust Manifold Gasket / Various Mounting Gasket / Secondary Air Blind Blind Bolt / EXPRIME Bandage (50 mm × 20 m) / Bolt Smooth Paste / Sticker
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