TODA RACING Inner-Shim Conversion KIT For ROADSTER BP NA8C NB8C 14730-BP0-001


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Inner-Shim Conversion KIT
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Product Description
-The lifter is the only part to be replaced.
-Stock valve spring can be used.
-Common part for both NA8 & NB8 engines.
Since NA8C BP NA8C uses HLA's as standard. For tuning purposes these heavy hydraulic lash adjusters that have a tendency to leak becoming a big bottle neck in extracting performance from high lift cams.Replacing them with TODA's Inner-Shim Conversion KIT not only reduces the weight by 17.5g per lifter but removes oil pressure fluctuations, enabling the engine to reach higher engine speeds safely.
Since NB8C BP NB8C uses an outer shim type lifter. Due to the smaller tappet face (shim diameter) the contact area with the cam is reduced making it dangerous to use high lift cams. Replacing them with TODA's Inner-Shim Conversion KIT not only gives you the contact area required but also reduces the weight by 9g per lifter again freeing up the engine giving you more power.
Type: Ø33 (Modified base circle diameter)
Cam lift: TODA 10mm
Standard HLA lifter (NA) and normal outer shim lifter (NB) should be replaced with TODA's Inner-Shim Conversion KIT. Reductions in mass and friction are found. The standard spring retainer, valve spring and spring seat can be used.
*The kit contains standard size shims, but on occasion other size shims will be required to create the required gap, these are sold separately.
Shims sold separately ¥@1,000- (1.5 ~ 3.0mm)
(for installing high lift camshaft)
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