SPOON Front Aero Bumper For HONDA S2000 AP1 AP2 71101-AP1-001


Series Name
Front Aero Bumper
Product Descriptions
Spoon has developed S2000 aero parts since 2007 and has demonstrated superior performance with super endurance race etc, but we pursued further aero dynamics and released a new front / rear bumper for S2000. Battle to enter from last year, with a performance that surpasses the old model despite its simple design, it can control down air resistance and at the same time obtain downforce by controlling the air flowing on the bottom of the car body. With this aero, you can make maximum use of the power of the engine, it can withstand the side G without dropping the speed as much as possible in the corner, and it is also effective for the fuel economy secondarily. Development uses state-of-the-art CFD analysis to review the way air flows from the front end of the bumper to the engine hood, Reduce the air resistance by making the shape gentle. Furthermore, by inflating both ends of the bumper than genuine, by gouging the bottom part It has the same effect as attaching the canard and generates downforce. Also, by using the flow of air, it generates an effect to suck out the air inside the wheel arch. The above effect was confirmed by performing fluid analysis.
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Compatible Model
AP1-100, AP1-110, AP1-120, AP1-130, AP1-135, AP1-200, AP2-100, AP2-110
Material: FRP white gel coat finish
L (mm)
W (mm)
H (mm)
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