Spoon Rear Subframe Rigid Collar For HONDA Inspire (50300-UA5-000)


Product Name
Rigid Collar (Chassis Strengthening Collar)
Product Descriptions
Rigid Collar is a specially designed part made from tempered aluminum. It is inserted between the body and subframe by lifting up the vehicle, loosening the joint bolts one by one, then tightening them back together. The tapered portion of Rigid Collar deforms as the bolt is tightened, filling the gap between the bolt and the inner wall of the bolt hole.
(1) Reduction of annoying vibration and shaking that occurs when the engine is started.
(2) Decrease in vibration will mean reduction in cabin noise.
(3) Better straight-running stability, docile rolling, and reduced corrective steering.
(4) Improved straight line stability, compliant roll characteristics and reduced amount of steering corrections.
(5) Smooth overall driving feel reduces fatigue on long drives.
Compatible Vehicle
HONDA Inspire
Compatible Model
UA4,UA5 (2WD)
Product Code
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