SPOON ENGINE COMPLETE F20C 2.0 For HONDA S2000 AP1 10000-16B-C00


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As a base of engine tuning and when it is impossible to overhaul due to engine blowing or overtaking, we started selling engine completed using assembled Honda genuine parts (new article) at spoon. The head gasket uses a spoon two-piece beam welding type head gasket, it raises the compression ratio over the mass production engine, the piston uses the STD size, and the static balance (the total weight of the piston, the connecting rod, the pin) Within 2 g of our company, our company assembles with one unit, one with a full heart, with precision far exceeding mass production, in accordance with the weight tolerance of 0.02 g. Feel the engine which is the central existence of tuning, SPOON engine, our hot feeling creates that sharp pickup and a stress free world.
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AP1-100, AP1-110, AP1-120, AP1-130, AP1-135, AP1-200
We will deliver it in engine packing box using high strength cardboard material designed exclusively. When replacing the engine, you will transfer the original engine auxiliaries etc to the engine assembled with a spoon. However, due to mileage and aging, there are parts other than the engine body that require replacement and overhaul. Also, if the reason for engine replacement is engine blown, the fine debris etc reaches the air cleaner box, even if the engine is replaced, it will suck up the broken piece and damage will occur inside the engine, in the worst case engine blow There is also a possibility. As engine replacement work requires comprehensive skills and experience including judgment of reuse of auxiliary equipment, cleaning, overhaul etc, we recommend working in factory with technology and reliability. Displacement: 1997 cc * Because it is an order-made product, about one month after receiving an order
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