ORC SE Clutch ORC-559-SE TWIN For NISSAN Skyline ORC-559D-NS0101-SE


Series Name
SE Clutch ORC-559-SE TWIN
Product Number
Compatible Car
NISSAN Skyline
Compatible Models
Product Description
This clutch totally changes the concept of heavy-duty clutch. With its new sensation, this product provides much more sensitive and smoother control. Also, with the characteristics of previous metal clutch series, the easy-to-handle heavy-duty clutch is achieved . by increasing range of half clutch It supports a broad range of driving from on-street to drifting
engine:. RB26DETT
item type: STD with (standard crimp type) damper clutch disk
F / W mounting bolts: please prepare a genuine flywheel mounting bolts.
sleeve bearings: it is attached to the clutch KIT.
release bearing: it has been supplied with the clutch KIT. (A type)
mechanism: Push
With the previous fiscal year only SE mechanism
Images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

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