ORC Metal Series ORC-409 SINGLE For NISSAN Fairlady Z ORC-409D-NS0714


Series Name
Metal Series ORC-409 SINGLE
Product Number
Compatible Car
NISSAN Fairlady Z
Compatible Models
Product Description
This is a heavy-duty clutch that accommodates widely from light-tuned car to high = powered car. It enables mild and outstanding pedal feeling, secure torque transmission, better clutch disengagement, and stable half clutch feeling at high level. Metal clutch series that . correspond to a wide range of situations It reacts quickly to driver's mind and provides great controllability that contributes to improving time
engine:. VQ37VHR
item type: STD (standard crimp type) damper with the clutch disk
F / W mounting bolts: it has been supplied with the clutch KIT.
Sleeve Bearing: -
release bearing: -
mechanism: push
corresponding torque: 420 (43) N · m (kgf · m)
Bearing adapter to be attached to genuine of the release system is included. There is a set of silent type as an option. Silent type price plus ¥ 7,000 (excluding tax), delivery will take about two weeks before and after. It will be the only high-μ disk type. Please contact us for more information. SE mechanism with corresponding torque: 465N · m (47kgf · m)
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