ORC Metal Series ORC-1000F TRIPLE For NISSAN Skyline ORC-1000F-SPL-NS0101


Series Name
Metal Series ORC-1000F TRIPLE
Product Number
Compatible Car
NISSAN Skyline
Compatible Models
Product Description
This is a heavy-duty clutch that accommodates widely from light-tuned car to high = powered car. It enables mild and outstanding pedal feeling, secure torque transmission, better clutch disengagement, and stable half clutch feeling at high level. Metal clutch series that . correspond to a wide range of situations It reacts quickly to driver's mind and provides great controllability that contributes to improving time
engine: RB26DETT
item type: -.
F / W mounting bolts: genuine flywheel please prepare the mounting bolts.
sleeve bearings: Please purchase separately
release bearing: -
mechanism: push
corresponding torque: 980 (100) N · m (kgf · m)
Of expired A type is a disadvantage, but the half-clutch operation easier. B type is cut property will be advantageous, but the half-clutch operation will be a little difficult. The price is also tax 抜定 value \ 15,000- both types. Separately, the purchase of genuine and, needs to be changed from pull to push. For more information, please check the FAQ. The previous fiscal year only drag only. Every traveling, please be used in performing the clutch adjustment.
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