ORC Light Series ORC-250 LIGHT SINGLE For HONDA Integra 250L-HP-HD0101


Series Name
Light Series ORC-250 LIGHT SINGLE
Product Number
Compatible Car
HONDA Integra
Compatible Models
Product Description
Heavy Duty Clutch is hard to handle New series of clutch with new sensation removes such stereotypical quote. The product provides better-than-normal performance and also pursues drivability. The clutch provides superior shift feeling and half clutch stability, which increases driving satisfaction .
engine: B18C
item type: HP (high crimp type)
F / W mounting bolts: Please prepare a genuine flywheel mounting bolts.
sleeve bearings: Please use a genuine sure. (Not included in the ORC clutch)
release bearing: Please use the genuine products.
mechanism: push
corresponding torque: 313N · m (32kgf · m)
Reference horsepower: 235kw (320ps)
pedal force: 13-18Kgf
Genuine pilot bearing is required. Since the thickness of the flywheel mounting portion is different from the genuine bolt mounting bolts (90011-PM0-000) will be present 6 required.
Images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

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