NISMO All-purpose Fender Molding For Multiple Fitting 63910-RSR45


Series Name
All-purpose Fender Molding
Product Descriptions
Because it is a general-purpose item, terminal processing is not done.
Fender Mold is designed as + 18 mm (safety reference value: within + 20 mm) with right and left mounting, but depending on the variation of the vehicle, it may exceed 20 mm from the car verification stated car width by wearing the fender mall . In that case, please discontinue use or change the description of the vehicle inspection certificate.
In order to avoid attack on the painted surface, since the adhesive strength of double-sided tape is set low, it may be peeled off due to aged deterioration. Please note.
Since this product is made of rubber, painting is unnecessary, but please use paint rich in flexibility when painting.
Fender Mold is a dress up accessory item. Please do not use it as a measure against the protrusion of the tire or the wheel.
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Multiple Fitting
Material: rubber made
Width: 9 mm, total length: 2.5 m, general purpose type (Please use it cut according to the car.)
2.5 m (for front and rear two wheels), 9 mm width (*****Order TWO for four wheel or one car*****)
Images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

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