NISMO Front Under Spoiler For Juke F15 62020-RNF50


Series Name
Front Under Spoiler
Product Descriptions
Aero-dynamic design steeped in NISMO race technology. JUKE NISMO aero design will take your customizing one step further and show the world everything your car's got.
Designed by NISMO's aerodynamics engineers, this spoiler generates greater down force, which gives you more steering control when driving at high speeds. The whole central part of its forward lip is raised upward to get you even more down force, while to the sides, its form drops back down to channel oncoming air, cutting air resistance around the tires.
Wet carbon made, UV cut Clear gel coat finish (Clear coating required)
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Juke F15
Use attached screws, double-sided tape etc to install.
Images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

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