NISMO Circuit Link Set Pro II For Skyline GT-R BNR34 RB26DETT 54500-RSR45


Series Name
Circuit Link Set Pro II
Product Descriptions
The Circuit Linkage Set Pro II combines the NISMO Circuit Linkage Set and the Performance Damper that was jointly developed with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. It helps to alleviate understeering on the circuit and improves cornering performance.
1 Circuit link set
2 Tension rod set Pro.
3 Front third link bush
4 Performance damper set
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Skyline GT-R BNR34
Tension rod set Pro. Needs to be removed or processed because the tire interferes with the fender protector (right front side) and the recirculation valve during full steering.
By attaching the tension rod set Pro., The steering becomes heavier when steering.
When installing the tension rod set Pro., The clearance of each part such as tire and fender changes by changing effective length.
Please exchange all links at the same time. If you exchange only one place, the balance of suspension will collapse.
When repairing links, be sure to replace all on one side at the same time, and also exchange the bush on the opposite side for the tension rod and upper link. In case of accident etc, there is a possibility that burden is put on all the links even if the damaged place is one place, the balance of suspension will collapse if only one place is exchanged.
When installing a performance damper on the BNR 34, it is necessary to cut off part of the inner fender at the front.
When mounting a performance damper on the BCNR33, it is necessary to cut off part of the front undercover.
Be sure to use the Circuit Link Set and Tension Rod Set Pro. Also, when installing, you need a nut (4 Nissan genuine parts 01223-00281) to stop the transverse link and the tension rod. Please purchase separately.
The standard brake air guide can not be diverted to Tension Rod Set Pro. If installed, you need brake air guide (Nissan genuine parts 41182-24U01, 41183-24U01 each one) and clip (Nissan genuine parts 41184-24U00 4 pieces). Please purchase separately. Also, the NISMO Brake Cooling Air Guide (41180 - RSR 45 production abolished) can not be installed because it interferes with the stabilizer.
When installing on BNR 34 standard car, front under cover (Nissan genuine parts 75880 - AA 410) and engine lower cover (Nissan genuine parts 75890 - AA 410) are required for V - Spec. Please purchase separately.
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