NISMO Big Operating Cylinder (metal) For Silvia 180SX (R)S13 CA18DET 30620-RS520


Series Name
Big Operating Cylinder (for metal disc)
Product Descriptions
To reduce the pedal load when using a sports clutch, improve half-clutch operating characteristics and provide proper clutch connection positioning, the size of the operating cylinder was increased from 3/4 inch (ø19.05mm) to 13/16 inch (ø20.54mm). This reduces pedal pressure by as much as 14% compared to a standard part., Transmission: FS5W71C, Clutch Type: Push
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Silvia 180SX (R)S13
When using the Big Operating Cylinder, the stroke amount of the cylinder decreases, so please adjust the stroke as necessary. 1) Be sure to clamp the hose with a hose clamp to prevent air from entering before removing the standard operating cylinder.
2) Fill the Big Operating Cylinder to be replaced with Brake fluid, remove air beforehand and connect it to the Hose.
3) Even if you do 1), 2) work, air enters the piping. Once the air enters the piping, the pedal stroke and feel change. Because it is difficult to remove air from the thick diameter U-shaped pipe etc, please bleed sufficiently.
4) To facilitate the work of 3), air bleeding by vacuuming is effective (Please use the U-shaped pipe dismantling adapter attached to the NISMO clutch hose).
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