NISMO Reinforced Release Pivot For Cedric Gloria Y31 RD28 VG20E 30537-RS540


Series Name
Reinforced Release Pivot
Product Descriptions
When a sports clutch cover or multi-plate clutch set are used, the stress on the release fork and the release pivot which acts as a fulcrum are also increased. In competitive driving and other high-load situations, there is greater danger that the release pivot might fail. This Reinforced Release Pivot is manufactured of high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel, providing a 30% increase in strength compared to a standard carbon steel pivot, thereby reducing the chance of failure due to overload. The use of a flat washer instead of standard spring washer also reduces the chance of the release pivot's coming loose due to excessive play.
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Cedric Gloria Y31
RD28 VG20E
SIZE: 30537-RS540: M10×P1.5, Length:41mm
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