NISMO Sports Clutch Cover For Leopard HF30 L28E 30210-RS560


Series Name
Sports Clutch Cover
Product Descriptions
Clutch cover Cover pressure N(kgf): 7845(800), Set height (mm): 38.5
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Leopard HF30
Use Clutch Disk: 30100-RS240 as a set with Clutch Cover: 30210-RS560
● Sports clutch disc and lightweight flywheel are designed and manufactured for the purpose of improving clutch response and corresponding output improvement, so the resonance sound "Rattling sound" generated from the transmission and the bearing compared with the genuine Nissan product is easy to be transmitted There are cases, but there is no quality problem. Please note.
● The clutch cover and the clutch disc can not demonstrate their original performance unless they are properly combined. Make sure to use clutch disc and clutch cover made by NISMO as a set.
● It is not necessary to process the flywheel or the transmission.
● Please make sure that the transmission and flywheel etc. of the vehicle to be installed are not processed or modified. (It may not be suitable for vehicles that have been processed or changed.)
● Bearings and sleeves etc. can be used as they are, except when there is a note, but we recommend that you replace them with new ones.
● When exchanging the clutch release fork release pivot Operating cylinder Pilot bush etc etc Please be sure to check for wear and breakage etc. Also in the case of a car with a large mileage, please change in advance.
● Clutch disc clutch cover If the friction surface of the flywheel is scratched, worn out, thermal deformation or the like, replace it with a new one.
● The enhanced clutch increases the clutch pedal effort compared to standard products and requires accustoming to clutch meet.
● For Ceramic Metal type clutch discs, metallic sounds and judder beat sounds may appear.
● The reinforced clutch has an increased crimping force and pedal effort on the cover, so the clutch pedal bracket release fork etc. may bend depending on how it is used, or the life of the operating cylinder may be shortened.
● Because the torque transmission capacity of the reinforced clutch is up, the transmission and the differential may be damaged or the life may be shortened depending on usage.
● After installation, be sure to check and adjust the treading margin of the clutch pedal and the break connection according to the maintenance instructions.
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