NISMO SUPER COPPER MIX STD For Silvia 181SX S15 SR20DET SR20DE (Autech) 3000S-RSS50-G1


Series Name
Product Descriptions
The strongest single clutch: one that can handle the 420ps, SR20DET engine but is still easy to operate. This was the development concept for the SUPER COPPERMIX.
Allowable dynamic friction torque: 54kgf・m(static friction torque: 81kgf・m) Handles an estimated maximum allowable power of 420ps This is a single clutch system that takes “the ease of use” and “high power handling” fortes of COPPERMIX to the next level. This series also includes a lineup of standard specification products that can handle 380ps. measurements for NISMO standards are fixed with an SR20DET engine tuned to high-power specifications
Employs the industry's first large-diameter 240size disc
The 240size COPPERMIX disc togeter with an aluminum cover maintain stable transmission and cooling performance. After an analysis conducted by NISMO of several different models,including those of other companies, it was decided that using a 240 size disc would preventthe drop in performance that occurs when a small diameter disc is placed under a high load. High power single clutches from other companies combine a pressure cover with a small diameter disc probably because they just divert a disc from their multi-plate clutch and set it at a high load. NISMO specifically chose a 240 diameter to get maximum durability and ease of use. Lightweight Flywheel
A lightweight flywheel was manufactured from chrome-molybdenum to obtain the ideal weight to ensure torque.
Aluminum Cover
The flywheel is provided with a special aluminum cover with exceptional heatradiating properties.
Center Plate with Strap Function
The center plate is equipped with a special strap function*1 that backs up smooth gear disengagement by preventing blockage. This mechanism incites the pressure plate inside the cover to disengage from the disc using the force exerted by the strap plate. It has become part of the standard installation for all NISSAN vehicles with manual transmissions.
Kit contents
· Copper mix clutch disc
· Aluminum clutch cover
· Light weight flywheel
· Flywheel bolt
· Release bearing (Nissan genuine parts)
· Sticker
Allowable torque N・m (kgf・m) Kinetic friction: 422 (43), Allowable torque N・m (kgf・m) Kinetic friction: 422 (43), Allowable output kW (ps): 279 (380), Clutch cover Pressure N (kgf): 7846 (800), Type: Push
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Silvia 181SX S15
SR20DET SR20DE (Autech)
Since the sports clutch disc and the lightweight flywheel are designed and manufactured for the purpose of improving the clutch response, improvement of the correspondence output, etc., the resonance sound "Rattling sound" generated from the transmission and the bearing compared with the genuine Nissan product It may be easy to communicate. Gear noise may occur from the transmission etc. especially during idling and acceleration / deceleration from around 2000 rpm, but there is no problem in terms of quality and performance. Please note.
Do not use the set with Big Operating Cylinder as it may cause cutting failure due to insufficient stroke volume.
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