NISMO Sub Meter For Skyline GT-R BCNR33 24845-RN595-WH


Series Name
Sub Meter
Product Descriptions
When race driving, the actual state of your car is changing from second to second. These sub-meters track those changes in real time, when it's happening. Since NISMO sub-meters come complete, together with housing, standard installation OEM meters can be easily removed and the sub-meters immediately connected and put in their place.
Scale: Boost meter: 0 to +1.4 kg / cm 2 Oil temperature gauge: 60 to 140 ° C Front torque meter: 0 to 50 kgm
Illumination : Green
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Skyline GT-R BCNR33
Notes on the NISMO meter series
Since it meets safety standards (speed meter error + 15%, within 10% at speed 35 km / h or more), there is no problem with vehicle inspections
The speedometer has been scaled up, but the speed limiter will not be released
Although the tachometer of the white meter and combination meter is also scaled up, the engine rotation limiter (rev limiter) is not released, and it does not change the allowable engine speed, so it is not suitable for overrev at shift down etc. Please note that
Do not attach to vehicles outside the conformity because it will cause problems, troubles, accidents, such as not displaying accurate speed display, warning lamp does not light up when wearing on non-conforming vehicles
In the state before installation, the meter may not point to "0", but it is not abnormal (it operates normally by inputting a signal from the vehicle.) When attaching, not to touch the needle absolutely Please be aware that it may cause damage to the needle and movement.
After work, be sure to describe the number of distances of the totalizer of the meter removed at the time of replacement in the maintenance notebook (maintenance check record) on the vehicle, and be sure to carry it with you If you do not record or make false statements , Please be aware that it will cause troubles during vehicle inspection or vehicle assessment
Please understand beforehand that the brightness and hue of letters at the time of NISMO meter transmission lighting may differ slightly from the standard mounted item due to individual differences among individuals and product individual differences
Please allow safe driving even after installation
Please use genuine parts when replacing the bulb..
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