NISMO Iridium Spark Plugs For Avenir Avenir Salut W11 QG18DE(02/8-) QR20DE(02/8-) 22401-RN020-06/07


Series Name
Iridium Spark Plugs
Product Descriptions
performance. The Iridium Spark Plug produces much more complete combustion, which delivers more power and response to the driver. It helps to draw out the full potential of an engine. The thermo edge set at the top of the insulator limits the deposition of carbon, which otherwise can reduce firing performance and cause poor idling. This also increases reliability and durability.
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Avenir Avenir Salut W11
QG18DE(02/8-) QR20DE(02/8-)
* Please specify the heat value after you order
* Part no. 6/7/8/6/7 stands for the count.
* 1 set of 2
* It can not be used for direct injection engines such as QR20DD, QR25DD, VQ25DD, VQ30DD, VK45DD.
* Center electrode material: Iridium
*Center electrode diameter: φ0.6
* Made by NGK
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