MUGEN Full Bucket Seat MS-R [seat rails set] [Passenger's] For CR-Z ZF2 81500-XLT-K1S0-P


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Full Bucket Seat MS-R [seat rails set] [Passenger's]
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The ultimate full bucket seat that are both hold resistance and light weight. Both stiffness and light weight which can sufficiently withstand severe lateral G in circuit racing at a high level. Also, rigidity and comfort by optimizing the urethane shape and thickness for each part of the body both. The epidermis is adopted Alcantara ®. Clear FIA standards required for use in the domestic pinnacle race such as SUPERGT. Safety standards compliant products. Alcantara ® is a registered trademark of Alcantara SpA.
MS-R, Recaro seat rails and side adapter set. Safety standards compliant products. The shell of the seat framework adopts carbon material weight in a shell itself while ensuring high rigidity lighter of 3.5 kg. Place the shoulder grip which adopted the symbol of infinity color. Reduce the deviation in the driving time by adopting a special non-slip material. By increasing the area which is in close contact to the body to optimize the urethane shape and thickness for each part of the body, also reduce the burden on the body while firmly holding the driver. By adopting a non-slip Alcantara ® is the epidermis, reduce the slip during cornering. Also, the rear-seat surface portion implement punching in order to improve breathability.
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