MUGEN Hydrophilic LED Mirror For N-WGN JH1 JH2 76200-XMM-K0S0


Series Name
Hydrophilic LED Mirror
Product Number
Compatible Car
Compatible Models
Product Description
Hydrophilic wide angle blue mirror of the exchange type as standard equipment door mirror. Reduce blue color mirror surface which has been subjected to multi-layer coating is enhanced eye fatigue anti-glare effect at the time of solar and night driving. Also, ensure visibility in the rain diffuses water attached by a hydrophilic coating using a photocatalyst technology into a film. Further curvature R side, ensuring wide rear view by the 800R to L side both. When the turn signal use is lit LED with a built-in mirror surface in conjunction with the turn signal. Infinite logo.
When attached to the Heated door mirrors vehicles, Hiteddo function is available. When attached to the LED door mirror turn signal non-vehicles, LED does not emit light when the turn signal use. ※: If you have attached to the LED door mirror turn signal non-equipped vehicles will be 0.3h. FOR All types (FF / 4WD)
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