MUGEN Sports Silencer for N-WGN Custom For N-WGN JH1 JH2 18000-XMM-K2S0


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Sports Silencer for N-WGN Custom
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Center dual structure was adopted, turbo vehicles only dual exhaust system to achieve the styling of the powerful. While both good exhaust efficiency and silencing performance, development also stuck exhaust note. Dual type of finisher 75φ slant cut. Mugen rear under spoiler and Mugen rear lower spoiler, of course, simultaneous mounting also possible with the standard rear bumper. Cutlery Silver · M paint finish of the garnish included. Made of all stainless steel. For the exchange of safety standards conform muffler pre-certification system approved.
Custom G · turbo package (FF) of accessories garnish, regardless of the body color, will be the cutlery Silver · M paint finish. Mugen rear under spoiler or, infinite rear lower spoiler and the case of simultaneously mounted, infinite rear under spoiler and, to cut a part of the infinite rear lower spoiler, please attach in conjunction with the accompanying garnish the infinite rear lower spoiler. In addition, when mounting in combination with standard rear bumper to the N-WGN Custom, cut a part of the rear bumper, please attach in conjunction with the accompanying garnish. ※: Mugen rear lower spoiler and if you installed simultaneously, will be 1.8h. FOR
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