MUGEN Sports Mat "dark gray" For N-WGN JH1 JH2 08P15-XMM-K0S0-DG


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Sports Mat "dark gray"
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Sports mat Outer that are both functional and design nylon material with excellent durability, lining adopt a polyester material to prevent displacement or slipping of the floor and the mat. In addition, adoption of the heel pad to prevent wear to the mat for the driver's seat. Front, embroidered infinity logo on the rear three places. Lineup color and subjected to stitch of violet "black", adopted a red edge and the heel pad claims the sporty image "black × red", tailored to the interior of the N-WGN three types of "dark gray". "Mugen MUGEN" logo that was carefully finished to fine stitches in embroidery type. Thereby improving the texture. It was subjected to violet stitching "black". Adopt a durable heel pad in the driver's seat side. Shoe sole is a non-slip special shape. The two places lock provided in the driver's seat side, suppress the deviation at the time of driving. Improve the convenience of the time of cleaning can be only in the desorption to release the lock. Edge around the mat and sporty red in over lock processing, N-WGN Custom, N-WGN set the black and dark gray tailored to each of the interior color. By sliding the front mat left and right of the nail under the interior, preventing the floating of the mat. Also it contributes to safety at the time of getting on and off. The Riamatto sewn a tag of infinite color. Adopted polyester material to prevent displacement or slippage of lightweight and floor mats lining. Also effective in sports driving.
FOR All types (FF / 4WD)
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