FUJITSUBO Center Pipe for Wagolis Exhaust For LW5W MPV Sport 2.5 V6 2WD 860-47013


Series Name
Center Pipe for Wagolis
Product Number
Compatible Car
LW5W MPV Sport 2.5 V6 2WD
Compatible Model
LW5W MPV 2.5 V6 2WD Body Type: GF-LW5W Engine type: GY Year: 1999.06 ~ 2002.04 LWEW MPV 2.0 2WD Body Type: GF-LWEW Engine type: FS Year: 1999.06 ~ 2002.04 LW5W MPV Sport 2.5 V6 2WD Body Type: GF-LW5W engine type: GY year: 1999.06 ~ 2002.04 LWEW MPV urban break -S 2.0 2WD body type: GF-LWEW engine type: FS year: 2000.08 to 2002.04
Order production 4WD mounted not MPV sport common safety standards conformance
Volume ___ mark is 2.5 (LW5W) to the center pipe + Wagorisu (460-47012) is the volume at the time of mounting
Pipe diameter
Minimum ground clearance
Roof height 1710mm measured in the (car verification 1740mm) car, 201mm at the front muffler front
Accessories list
Gasket packing Ã_ 4
Intermediate acceleration
Stock: 3.8 seconds -> Fujitsubo: 3.6 seconds
Maximum output
Stock: 121.5kw (165.2ps) / 5900rpm -> Fujitsubo: 125.4kw (170.5ps) / 6000rpm
Maximum torque
Stock: 223.4N · m (22.8kg · m) / 4600rpm -> Fujitsubo: 227.4N · m (23.2kg · m) / 4600rpm
Stock: 13.1kg -> Fujitsubo: 8.9kg
Volume idling
Stock: 63dB -> Fujitsubo: ___ 73dB
Middle RPM Sound
Stock: 75dB -> Fujitsubo: ___ 87dB
High RPM Sound
Stock: 82dB -> Fujitsubo: ___ 96dB
Mid RPM Acceleration Sound
Stock: 96dB -> Fujitsubo: ___ 103dB
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