FUJITSUBO Legalis R typeEVOLUTION Exhaust For CT9W Lancer Evolution Wagon 790-32211


Series Name
Legalis R typeEVOLUTION
Product Number
Compatible Car
CT9W Lancer Evolution Wagon
Compatible Model
CT9W Lancer Evolution Wagon Body Type: GH-CT9W engine model: 4G63 year formula: 2005.09 to 2007.09
Product orders 6MT, MR GT 6MT common
Sound quality bass echoes moderately, you can enjoy a muffled sound is not comfortable driving in the car. In addition, we significantly improved performance in power and torque up over the whole area.
Exit shape
117Ï_ round slash (II)
Pipe diameter
Minimum ground clearance
Roof height 1458mm measured in (car verification 1480 mm) vehicle, 148 mm in the intermediate pipe (rear axle) part
Accessories list
Gasket packing Ã_ 1 ring gasket Ã_ 1 M10 Ã_ 20 flange bolts and nuts set Ã_ 2 M12 nut Ã_ 2
Intermediate acceleration
Stock: 5.8 seconds -> Fujitsubo: 5.6 seconds
Maximum output
Stock: 240.5kw (327.1ps) / 6190rpm -> Fujitsubo: 247.7kw (336.9ps) / 6100rpm
Maximum torque
Stock: 436.1N · m (44.5kg · m) / 3990rpm -> Fujitsubo: 443.9N · m (45.3kg · m) / 4650rpm
Stock: 17.0kg -> Fujitsubo: 13.4kg
Volume idling
Stock: 74dB -> Fujitsubo: 76dB
Middle RPM Sound
Stock: 81dB -> Fujitsubo: 82dB
High RPM Sound
Stock: 85dB -> Fujitsubo: 86dB
Mid RPM Acceleration Sound
Stock: 93dB -> Fujitsubo: 100dB
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