FUJITSUBO FRONT PIPE For CPV35 Skyline Coupe 610-15462


Series Name
Product Number
Compatible Car
CPV35 Skyline Coupe
Compatible Model
CPV35 Skyline Coupe Body Type: UA-CPV35 Engine type: VQ35DE Year: 2003.01 ~ 2004.11 CPV35 Skyline coupe minor after Body Type: CBA-CPV35 Engine type: VQ35DE Year: 2004.11 ~ 2007.10 Z33 Fairlady Z Body Type: UA-Z33 engine model: VQ35DE year: 2002.07 ~ 2004.09 HZ33 Fairlady Z Roadster body type: UA-HZ33 engine type: VQ35DE year: 2003.10 ~ 2004.09 Z33 Fairlady Z body type: CBA-Z33 engine type: VQ35DE year: 2004.09 ~ 2005.09 Z33 Fairlady Z 05 minor after AT body type: CBA-Z33 engine type: VQ35DE year: 2005.09 ~ 2007.01 Z33 Fairlady Z 07 minor after AT, MT body type: CBA-Z33 engine type: VQ35HR year: 2007.01 to 2008.11 Z33 Fairlady Z 05 minor after MT Body Type: CBA-Z33 Engine type: VQ35DE Year: 2005.09 ~ 2007.01 Z33 Fairlady Z Version NISMO body type: CBA-Z33 Engine type: VQ35HR Year: 2007.01 to 2008.10
Safety standards conformance 35th Anniversary / Type 380RS common
Detailed data is that of the time of mounting only the front pipe to the UA-Z33 Fairlady Z
Pipe diameter
Minimum ground clearance
Roof high 1310Mm measured in (car verification 1310Mm) car, 99 mm in front pipe right bellows unit (998Mm behind the front axle)
Accessories list
Gasket packing Ã_ 3 M10 Ã_ 35 bolts and nuts · SW set Ã_ 2
Intermediate acceleration
Stock: 2.8 seconds -> Fujitsubo: 2.8 seconds
Maximum output
Stock: 182.6kw (248.3ps) / 6180rpm -> Fujitsubo: 186.5kw (253.6ps) / 6070rpm
Maximum torque
Stock: 333.2N · m (34.0kg · m) / 4320rpm -> Fujitsubo: 334.2N · m (34.1kg · m) / 4490rpm
Stock: 7.3kg -> Fujitsubo: 5.8kg
Volume idling
Stock: 60dB -> Fujitsubo: 60dB
Middle RPM Sound
Stock: 72dB -> Fujitsubo: 75dB
High RPM Sound
Stock: 84dB -> Fujitsubo: 87dB
Mid RPM Acceleration Sound
Stock: 99dB -> Fujitsubo: 102dB
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