FUJITSUBO BLAZE Exhaust For GSR55W Estima Aerasu 3.5 4WD 560-27041


Series Name
Product Number
Compatible Car
GSR55W Estima Aerasu 3.5 4WD
Compatible Model
GSR55W Estima Aerasu 3.5 4WD Body Type: DBA-GSR55W Engine Type: 2GR-FE Year: 2006.01 to 2010.03
Product orders Aerasu · G package only
Exit shape
94Ï_ round slash (G titanium)
Pipe diameter
Minimum ground clearance
Roof High 1777Mm (vehicle inspection 1760Mm) measured in vehicles, (368 mm rearward from the rear axle) rear muffler front 175mm
Accessories list
M8 Ã_ 45 bolt · SW set Ã_ 1 M8 Ã_ 25 bolt · PW (2 U) · SW · nut set Ã_ 1 color pipe Ã_ 1 mount protector Ã_ 1 dedicated bracket Ã_ 1
Intermediate acceleration
Stock: 1.8 seconds -> Fujitsubo: 1.6 seconds
Maximum output
Stock: 187.2kw (254.6ps) / 6000rpm -> Fujitsubo: 191.7kw (260.7ps) / 5960rpm
Maximum torque
Stock: 331.2N · m (33.8kg · m) / 4630rpm -> Fujitsubo: 345N · m (35.2kg · m) / 4320rpm
Stock: 5.02kg -> Fujitsubo: 4.40kg
Volume idling
Stock: 58dB -> Fujitsubo: 55dB
Middle RPM Sound
Stock: 80dB -> Fujitsubo: 81dB
High RPM Sound
Stock: 83dB -> Fujitsubo: 86dB
Mid RPM Acceleration Sound
Stock: 97dB -> Fujitsubo: 107dB
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