FUJITSUBO AUTHORIZE E Exhaust For ZVW50 Prius 1.8 2WD 440-21466


Series Name
Product Number
Compatible Car
ZVW50 Prius 1.8 2WD
Compatible Model
ZVW50 Prius 1.8 2WD Body Type: DAA-ZVW50 Engine Type: 2ZR-FXE Year: _x000D_ 2015.12 ~ _x000D_ ZVW51 Prius 1.8 2WD Body Type: DAA-ZVW51 Engine Type: 2ZR-FXE Year: _x000D_ 2015.12 ~
Touring selection common _x000D_ 2WD vehicles only
Because it does not reach the specified number of rotations, the proximity exhaust noise is measured at 2500rpm. _x000D_ BG tail end model _x000D_ BG = Burning Gradation (baked color gradient) _x000D_ __» BG tail color processing, because of the severe processing to express the unique texture by hand, different hue in the individual. Please note. _x000D_ polish tail end model, refer to the part number 440-21461.
Exit shape
96 Ã_ 65mm round slash square (20 ° · W · BG)
Pipe diameter
Minimum ground clearance
Roof High 1471Mm (automobile inspection certificate 1470 mm) measured in the car, 163 mm in brackets (# 1) Mounting portion
Accessories list
Ring gasket Ã_ 1 M10 Ã_ 20 flange bolts and nuts set Ã_ 2
Intermediate acceleration
Stock: 2.8 seconds -> Fujitsubo: 2.8 seconds
Maximum output
Stock: 104.1kw (141.6ps) / 4830rpm -> Fujitsubo: 105.9kw (144.0ps) / 4770rpm
Maximum torque
Stock: 251.9N · m (25.7kg · m) / 3600rpm -> Fujitsubo: 255.8N · m (26.1kg · m) / 3600rpm
Stock: 8.9kg -> Fujitsubo: 9.3kg
Volume idling
Stock: 61dB -> Fujitsubo: 65dB
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