Defi Racer Gauge Voltage Meter (10 to 15V) 52mm White DF07006


Racer Gauges are quick-responsive and high-accurate analog gauges.
The dial are not visible until the ignition is turned on. 

Gauges operates standalone and control unit is NOT necessary. 

Racer GaugeRacer Gauge

Racer Gauge  Racer Gauge

The illumination colors are blue, red, and white.

Main specification

  • Standalone
  • Commercial attachment necessary
  • Stepping motor:
    “STEP MASTER VS-2″ for Φ52 and Φ60, and “STEP MASTER STS26A” for Φ80 provides smooth operation.
  • Control unit NOT necessary/non-link system
  • Illumination color: white/red/blue
  • Opening mode/Ending mode
  • LED illumination
  • Illumination ON/OFF: interlocked with vehicle illumination switch
  • Mounting bracket attached


  • Racer Gauge cannot be linked to Defi-Link ADVANCE system or Defi-Link System.
  • Racer Gauge operates standalone. Control unit is not necessary.

Features 52mm & 60mm series

  • Stepping motor "STEP MASTER VS-2" provides smooth operation.
  • Ignition ON initiates self-luminescence gauge.
    Racer Gauge ign OFF Racer Gauge blue Racer Gauge red Racer Gauge white
    Ignition off Ignition on
    Ignition on
    Ignition on


  • Illumination using high-brightness LEDs
  • Lightning-like Opening / Closing mode
    Racer Gauge opening

    Racer Gauge closing
  • Self-diagnostics function monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during
    startup.self check
    a) Sensor disconnection check
    This function reports any in-proper connections, broken or disconnected sensor or
    sensor wire. The pointer will wave between 250 and 260 degrees.
    b) Short-circuiting check
    This function indicates any short circuit on the sensor or sensor wire.
    The pointer will wave between 10 and 20 degrees.
  • Full 270 degrees sweep dial provides ultimate visibility.
  • A mounting bracket and instrument case is provided with the product.
  • The red triangle of the regular position bezel can be used as a warning indicator and others.
  • Does not require the Defi-Link Control Unit for use.

Features 80mm tachometer

Racer Gauge Tachometer

  • Maximum angle of deflective 270 degrees (full sweep) is controlled by the microcomputer up to 4600 division (0.057degrees each) to provide high precision in the accuracy of information generated. The stepping motor is sufficient for quick response of all sorts of professional motorsports.

  • The gauge dial is invisible while the ignition switch is off. Once the ignition switch is turned on, a clear display appears by colored LED illumination. The gauge dial illumination and the red emitting needle pointer provide high visibility.
    Racer Gauge 80 tachometer OFF
    Ignition Off
    Red Racer Gauge 80 tachometer
    Red Racer Gauge

  • The scale is compressed to acquire great visibility and ease of use.
    *Wide-angle scale is used at the idling range 0~3,000RPM.
    *The scale is fitted to recent engine power band and linear scale is used from 3,000RPM to 11,000RPM.2 stage 


  • The gauge dial and the needle pointer performs opening and closing modes interlocked with turning ON/OFF of the ignition. 

  • The maximum RPM during driving can be stored and checked later.
    BF Tachometer peak
  • There are 5 stages of brightness for the daytime and 6 stages for the nighttime. The brightness can be decreased/increased with the vehicle lights switched on/off.

  • Two customer-defined warning RPMs can be set. When the RPMs are exceeded, the warning LED blinks/lights up and the warning buzzer sounds.

  • The exclusive large-sized indicator which lights in green and red enhances the visibility of warnings in addition to the warning LED in the gauge.

    80 ta indicator_80 ta indicator green_80 ta indicator red

  • The large-sized switch unit with light is fixable on the gauge and is also detachable.

    80 ta swtch white_80 ta swtch amber red_80 ta swtch amber blue

  • Exclusive mounting band and back case
    The gauge is clinched by using the exclusive mounting band and back case. Wires can be stored in the back case neatly.

    80 ta side80 ta back80 ta side2

  • Regular Position Bezel for 80mm (3 1/8") gauge is included in the product.
  • The illumination color can not be changed. 



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