Defi Repair Parts Fitting Kit DF09501

¥1,490 JPY

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Defi-Link Fitting Kit is to mount a gauge on an A-pillar or a steering column. This product is for 2 1/16"(52mm), 2 3/8"(60mm) gauges.
Free installation angle.
Only the Defi-Link Meter 3 1/8"(80mm) can be mounted with this fitting kit.

Defi-Link Fitting Kit

Pats No. DF09501
Applicable products 2 types of kit are included. Use one of them which is suitable for your product.
A type (width 33mm): For ADVANCE gauges 52/60, ADVANCE ZD, Racer Gauge 60
B type (width 23.3mm): For Defi-Link Gauges 52/60/80, Racer Gauge 52