Defi Repair Parts Display Film DF05702


Display film

Display film

Parts No. Size Spec
DF05702 10x12cm light transmission rate 45%
one film included

This film can be used for all the Defi VSD products. The size is for the biggest VSD CONCEPT, so cut and attach when used for other VSD products. Chamfering is recommended.

Products Recommended cut size direction
VSD CONCEPT 10x12cm vertically long
10x8cm vertically long
Sports V.S.D.
Boost V.S.D.
Boost & Timer
Field Compass
6x10cm horizontally long


  • Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd., are not responsible for any damage to the vehicle arising from the use on application of the display film on windshield.

    Please note that the laws of certain states prohibit applications of materials to a vehicle windshield other than in certain locations. For example, California Vehicle Code Section 26708(b) limits application of stickers or other materials to a 5-inch square area in the lower corner of the windshield nearest the driver.

    On certain vehicle models, installation of the transparent film in such a location may be impractical, because limited clearance between the dashboard and the windshield may preclude attachment of the display unit to the dashboard at a position that will enable the driver effectively to view the reflection of the instrument display on the transparent film.

    Please consult the laws of the jurisdiction in which you intend to operate your vehicle to determine whether similar laws or regulations would apply to you and if so, please examine the relative configuration of you dashboard and windshield to determine whether installation of the display unit as described in the installation manual will conform to requirements of local law.

    Nippon Seiki Co.,Ltd., does not encourage installation of the products in violation of local laws or regulations and shall not be responsible for failure to obey local laws or regulations.


How to attach the display film

  1. Before attaching the display film, clean the inside of the windshield. 
  2. To separate the film from the backing paper, attach adhesive tape to film and the backing paper about 2cm(4/5 in.) from the edge of the film and use the adhesive tape to pull the display film from its backing. 
  3. Spray a mixture of water and mild detergent(1 to 2 the drops) on the windshield and on the side of the film to be applied to the windshield.

    Apply the film to the windshield. Gently squeeze out excess any water or air bubbles from under the film and gently wipe any extra water away with a tissue or soft cloth. Do not scratch the film with the tissue or cloth.
Make sure that both the display unit and the control unit are firmly attached. 
Make sure that the display can be viewed on a portion of the bottom 5in.(130mm) of the windshield.
Attach the display unit in a location which will not hinder driving.
The display is viewable even without the display film. The trancemittance of the display film is about 45%. We are not responsible for any damage or problems arising from the use of the display film applied on the windshield. Please follow local regulations as for attaching the display film.


Remove the film from the separaterSpray a mixture of water and mild detergentDisplay film


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