Defi ADVANCE CAN Driver & ADVANCE A1 80mm Tachometer Set DF15801



ADVANCE CAN Driver is a unit to operate ADVANCE gauges by taking out ISO-CAN data from an OBDII connector.

This product is for people who want to install ADVANCE gauges easily without sensors and for vehicles which engine speed signals cannot be obtained from ECU.

What you can do with CAN Driver

  1. Vehicle information from OBDII can be sent to gauges without connecting sensors.
    CAN Driver connection1
  2. Speed and engine speed signals can be sent from OBDII to an ADVANCE tachometer or ADVANCE System (if installed) even from vehicles which those signals cannot be obtained from ECU.
    CAN Driver connection2
  3. Illumination ON/OFF signals can be sent to ADVANCE System from vehicles which illumination switching of Defi products doesn’t function normally because of illumination controlling (such as European illumination pulse vehicles).
    CAN Driver connection illumination signal
  4. Peak and warning values can be displayed. The illumination color for ADVANCE CR/RS can be changed. 


Corresponding gauges

Tachometer, turbo/boost (120kPa/200kPa/29PSI), in-mani pressure, and water temperature gauges in ADVANCE seires

  • *Three gauges can be connected to one CAN Driver. Do not connect more than three gauges.
  • *ADVANCE ZD cannot be connected.  (If ADVANCE System is installed, ADVANCE ZD can be connected.)


DF15601 CAN Driver
DF15701 CAN Driver & ADVANCE BF 60mm tachometer set
DF15702 CAN Driver & ADVANCE BF 80mm tachometer set
DF15801 CAN Driver & ADVANCE A1 80mm tachometer set

CAN Driver set BF tacho 60

Applicable vehicles

Please contact us about the compatibility with your vehicle if you are not sure. The product can be installed on only vehicles with OBDII connector which is compatible with ISO-CAN.


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