ARC Brazing radiator For NISSAN Fairlady Z Z33 1N274-AA038


ARC Brazing
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NISSAN Fairlady Z
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Using a micro-tube molded by a special method in the inner tube. It was to ensure the sought strength and light weight. The outer fins enlarge the surface area by the slit structure, achieving a stable cooling performance is also supported by many races. Since the super microtube (inner tube) is structurally the tube several layers within the tube, excellent pressure resistance, durability achieved. In addition, the entire process their own production, outer fins enables an optimal fin pitch according to the specifications. Its performance has also been demonstrated in the world's top-level race. Match the high performance of the engine performance, the development of heat exchange equipment. ARC by new manufacturing method using super micro tube by state-of-the-art technology, has achieved 27.5% of high efficiency compared to conventional products of the radiator. As a result the race, as well as an effect on the heat exchange performance of the street. It enables a stable condition in the engine. When the work of the water temperature sensor for sensing the temperature of the engine is overheating feeling because, there is a phenomenon in which the engine is retarded. Engine performance can not be exhibited in full in such a state, you may want to consider damage caused the worst case trouble. Such a water temperature stabilization of the order prevent the trouble, also efficiency up of important radiator also in ensuring the performance surface of the engine will deliver a significant effect in the tuning stage. Core Type: SMC36, Engine: VQ35DE
__» MT-only, this product is black logo of ARC will be applied to the core surface.
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