ARC Brazing Super induction box filter For TOYOTA Levin Trueno AE101 19001-20089


ARC Brazing
Series Name
Super induction box dedicated exchange filter
Product Number
Compatible Car
TOYOTA Levin Trueno
Compatible Models
Product Description
General filter junction will be using an adhesive. However, since the stable bonding, extra adhesive is painted, this extra adhesive becomes air resistance, had become in the way of original performance demonstrated. Therefore, ARC sponge filter (Version2) is a joint by flame lamination (thermal fusion), eliminating the resistance of the bonding portion which has been a conventional air resistance, was it possible to smoother air intake. In addition, by cleaning the dirty filter with a neutral detergent, etc., it is possible for you to re-use. (Re-use, please as a guide 5000km Also, please totaling 2 3 times the original performance by aging will not be exhibited.?..), Engine: 4A-GZE
A x1, size 236mm×200mm
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