APEXI Rev Speed Meter RSM-GP Black Model (405-A016) For NISSAN Laurel C34


Product Name
Rev Speed Meter RSM-GP (Black Model)
Code No.
405-A016 (405-A916)

Product Description

The new Rev Speed Meter GP is a complete multi function measuring device designed to measure and monitor data such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, and elapsed times. However, the strength of the new unit lies in its differences. Probably the most obvious being its completely redesigned look. This new aesthetically pleasing model was crafted to match the likes of other highly popular APEXI electronics such as the AVC-R (Boost Controller). The new screen utilizes the easy to read VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) with built in light sensor used in many of APEXI's line up.
Setting Parameters Tire Size, Vehicle Weight, RPM Output, Speed Output, RPM Warning, and Speed Warning
Monitoring Parameters Up to 4 channels displayed in Numerical and Analog display modes: RPM, Speed, Travel Distance, Fr/Rr Acceleration, Lt/Rt Acceleration, and Battery Voltage.
Measuring Modes: 0-400m acceleration, mid-range acceleration, stopwatch, power, and power lo
Model Year
94/01 - 97/05
Remarks 5A/T NG
Instruction Manual (PDF)
Wiring Manual (PDF)
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