APEXI ACTIVE ECV Ï_70 flange general purpose A type 157-A003


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__  Volume control with wireless remote control
__  Automatic ON / OFF at arbitrary vehicle speed or rotation speed realized
__  One-touch operation with manual fingertip ON / OFF manually
__  High durability design that actuates actuators by intake manifold pressure
Simple control of fully open / fully closed by solenoid valve POINT:
___ Automatically control volume by electronic control.
Exhaust control valve · ECV which has gained popularity is newly appearing as it becomes electric powered. To drive the butterfly valve, an actuator system using negative pressure of an intake manifold is adopted, and this is controlled by a solenoid valve ON / OFF control, low pressure operation, durable construction with high reliability. The operation is a simplicity of a single button by a compact wireless remote control. In addition, it also has an auto mode that automatically turns on / off when it reaches the arbitrarily set vehicle speed or rotation speed. It realizes both high quietness when fully closed and compatibility of muffler full opening performance as expected in hands-free.
___ Stylish with a compact remote control.
The active ECV literally becoming wireless requires no hole to pull the control cable into the room like before. Even vehicles that are hesitant to pierce can be mounted without problems. Since the operation section is a remote control, it does not affect the image of the interior. In addition, it is not necessary to take the engine rotation pulse and the vehicle speed pulse without fail, in that case it can be specified only by ON / OFF of manual operation. __» Remote control batteries please use 27A 12V batteries. __» The included batteries are for monitoring. Since it is used for functional testing, there is a difference in usage period after purchase.
ACTIVE ECV Ï_80 flange general purpose A typeACTIVE ECV Ï_80 flange generic B-typeACTIVE ECV Ï_70 flange general purpose A type
ACTIVE ECV control unit is not included. Please order is seperateky (Part Number 433-A001)
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