FUJITSUBO Wagolis For SXM10G Ipsum 2WD minor after 450-27214


Series Name
Product Number
Compatible Car
SXM10G Ipsum 2WD minor after
Compatible Model
SXM10G Ipsum 2WD Body Type: E-SXM10G Engine Type: 3S-FE Year: H8.05 ~ 1998.04 SXM10G Ipsum 2WD minor after the body Model: GF-SXM10G Engine Type: 3S-FE Year: 1998.04 ~ 2001.05 SXM15G Ipsum 4WD body model: E-SXM15G engine type: 3S-FE year: H8.05 ~ 1998.04 SXM15G Ipsum 4WD minor after the body model: GF-SXM15G engine type: 3S-FE year: 1998.04 to 2001.05
Manufactured to order Aero touring 2WD common aero Touring 4WD mounted disabled
Detailed data ones of SXM10G
Exit shape
107 Ã_ 96Ï_ round Oval slash (II)
Pipe diameter
Minimum ground clearance
Roof height 1621mm measured in the (car verification 1660mm) car, 146mm at the front muffler front
Accessories list
Gasket packing Ã_ 1 ring gasket Ã_ 1 M10 Ã_ 20 flange bolts and nuts set Ã_ 2 M10 Ã_ 60 bolts and nuts · SW set Ã_ 2 dedicated bracket (set) Ã_ 1 hanging rubber Ã_ 2
Intermediate acceleration
Stock: 2.5 seconds -> Fujitsubo: 2.5 seconds
Maximum output
Stock: 91.6kw (124.6ps) / 5130rpm -> Fujitsubo: 95kw (129.2ps) / 5160rpm
Maximum torque
Stock: 185.2N · m (18.9kg · m) / 4270rpm -> Fujitsubo: 186.2N · m (19.0kg · m) / 4360rpm
Stock: 12.6kg -> Fujitsubo: 11.4kg
Volume idling
Stock: 61dB -> Fujitsubo: 62dB
Middle RPM Sound
Stock: 74dB -> Fujitsubo: 75dB
High RPM Sound
Stock: 86dB -> Fujitsubo: 87dB
Mid RPM Acceleration Sound
Stock: 91dB -> Fujitsubo: 97dB
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