TOMEI HOLINGER DIRECT LEVER For Skyline GT-R R32 R33 R34 RB26 522003


Product Number
Compatible Car
Skyline GT-R R32 R33 R34
Compatible Engine
Product Description
In order to make a fast and reliable shift change with the sequential gear of the dog gear (non-synchronous) system, it is necessary to accurately sense the engagement of the dog with the palm of your hand during the shift operation. Therefore, with a normal shift lever designed to reduce vibrations and noise as a top priority, the rubber material injected as a cushioning material interferes and it is impossible to grasp the action and state of shifting. The direct lever told the shift knob directly the movement and sound transmitted to the selector ring and shift fork by rigidifying the shift lever, ensuring a subtle sliding feeling and a click feeling during the shift operation. Also, from the driving position at the time of mounting the bucket seat, the relative position where the operation such as "grip", "pull", "push" was optimized was determined and the distance from the fulcrum was extended by 50 mm (BNR32 STD ratio). In addition, the product comes with a φ50 spherical plastic shift knob that fits the shape of the hand and thoroughly pursues time-up by accurate shift operation.
ø50 sphere
Plastic made
Shift knob included
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