NISMO Fender Cover Set For Fairlady Z Z33 -07/1 93820-RNZ30


Series Name
Fender Cover Set
Product Descriptions
Rear Fender Cover Set
It is a fender cover for car models that does not impair styling.
Rear right and left set
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Fairlady Z Z33 -07/1
Although the fender cover is designed to be + 16 mm in right and left wear, depending on the individual difference of the vehicle, it may exceed 20 mm from the car verification description value by wearing the fender cover.
When installing to the Z33, drilling is necessary for the fender flange part (3 parts on one side) and the bumper flange part (1 part on one side).
Images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

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