NISMO Rear Bumper Kit FRP For LEAF ZE0 8502S-RPZ00


Series Name
Rear Bumper Kit FRP
Product Descriptions
This aero parts kit is the result of unsparing investment of design technology by NISMO aerodynamics engineer of such racing cars as the SUPER GT and NISMO LEAF RCs. The design of the kit reduces the total amount of body lift, optimizing lift balance as well as dug air resistance through full use of state-of-the-art aerodynamic analyzing equipment. In addition to its high aerodynamic performance, this kit improves safety through standard equipping of LED illuminations to the front bumper and rear fog lamps to the rear bumper, further enhancing the vehicle's presence while reaping a synergistic effect of a flowing exterior design. The kit is available in either FRP or CFRP.
2 split (rear bumper, rear under spoiler) type,_x000D_With rear fog lamp kit, unpainted (required painting)
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