NISMO Rear Under Spoiler Sonar For X-Trail T32 17/6- 8502S-RN2T5


Series Name
Rear Under Spoiler Sonar
Product Descriptions
Aerodynamic performance has been enhanced by NISMO Racing Technology.By designing “Aero-kit” and “Roof-spoiler” as a package, we have attained “Best Balanced Aerodynamic Performance and Design” in much higher dimensions.Superior Driving Stabilities improved by the enhanced Aerody-namic PerformanceBy using cutting edge aerodynamic analysis equipment etc. for development, we have optimized lift balance of vehicle in front and in rear portions. The development also aimed at improvement in the aerodynamic characteristics for the purpose of enhancement in superior straight-line stabilities.ABS resin, PaintedExcellent fitting is realized by adopting high quality ABS resin. Already painted, the parts are ready for installation without additional painting costs.
Use the supplied bolts, clips, double-sided tape and cover them with genuine bumper. It is necessary to drill and cut the genuine bumper.
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
X-Trail T32 17/6-
For front & back sonar vehicles, under spoiler part: matte black # NAR radiant tread (PM) painted
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