NISMO Floor Mats For X-Trail T32 74900-RN2T0


Series Name
Floor Mats
Product Descriptions
Cut from plain cloth woven in stalwart black thread with a NISMO logo plate in aluminum, these floor mats will put a note of sporty chic at your feet and add high tone to your car's cabin. The mat comes fitted with fastening hooks that are located in exactly the same place as on the OEM mat you already have: installation will be quick and solid. Carpet spikes have been attached to the underside of the mat to ensure that it won't budge under the duress of all-out, competition driving. In fact, the mat was developed with race driving in mind. NISMO sought good heel support, a trim fit, solid mat grip and holding power as well as to create a good platform for the kind of flat out pedal action you unleash. Cut to fit all car models as neatly as the OEM original, with all hook holes and fasteners in the same place. The edge of the mat has been stitched into an overlock that will keep your mat from curling at the edges and guarantee you many years of service.
Application: Model WITHOUT third raw seats
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
X-Trail T32
4 mat specification red stitch with NISMO logo (current logo), dual carpet (carpet + rubber)
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