NISMO R-tune Carbon Hood For Skyline GT-R BNR34 65100-RSR45


Series Name
R-tune Carbon Hood
Product Descriptions
Improved aerodynamics and better air-flow with reduced weight.
Compared to a standard aluminum hood: reduction of approximately 3 kg
Compared a standard carbon hood: reduction of approximately 1 kg
Installation of the R-tune air cleaner duct (16554-RSR 46), improves adherence to the hood as well as effect effecteness.
A rain visor is attached to the air intake duct.
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Skyline GT-R BNR34
Painting required Air vent with duct Bonnet pin Unnecessary type One-year warranty for order production
Please paint the carbon hood according to the instruction manual.
When using R-tune carbon hood and NISMO air inlet pipe or normal air cleaner duct, the reinforced part on the back of the hood will interfere, so it is necessary to cut the interference part of the normal air cleaner duct. If you replace the air cleaner duct with the air cleaner duct for Z-tune conversion (for closed circuit) and R-tune air cleaner duct, no processing is necessary.
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