NISMO Brake Hose Set For Silvia 180SX S14 46200-RSS40


Series Name
Brake Hose Set
Product Descriptions
The hose's layout was totally reconsidered to have efficient expressing the pedal stroke in high-load situations and improves the pedal's "touch response". and safe replacement using the same parts points as the standard parts. Specifications:
PTFE Hose + Stainless Mesh
Plated brackets for steel fittings
Set contents
Set for one car
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Silvia 180SX S14
Application: SR20DET
This product is an important security part. For qualified personnel to do the work at designated maintenance factory or certified maintenance factory, or after installation, please be inspected by qualified person at designated maintenance factory or certified maintenance factory.
Please do not install this product except for compatible models of this product.
Images are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

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