NISMO S-tune Front Brake Pad For Silvia 180SX S13 41060-RN26B


Series Name
S-tune Front Brake Pad
Product Descriptions
NISMO S-tune brake pads were made for street use, so they can handle a wide range of g-forces, from light braking we tend to use on slippery streets in the rain to hard braking when the ABS system goes into full swing.
NISMO has developed an original non-asbestos friction material that works evenly across the full temperature spectrum from cold to extremely hot and functions superbly with the ABS system. A special fiber mix made from unusually long fibers was created to prevent loss of braking power and avoid destruction of the facing material during heat intensive braking and any accompanying brake fade. With this facing material, the brake pads function equally well in regular city traffic as in rigourous, high speed racing.
In addition to mixing material which is effective to reduce noise, a noise damper is placed between the backing plates and the friction material. This combination cuts any resonance from the backplate if judder noise is produced between the brake pad and the rotor*.
*According to comparison tests with previous NISMO products. Cars installed with Brembo Calipers (GT-R, Z33, CPV35) may generate more noise when braking at low speeds or depending on wear of the friction material.
Braking will remain steady in any weather (these brake pads resist brake fade due to water invasion). Uneven brake performance in different weather conditions has been totally minimized.
High performance brake pads typically dirty the wheels with particles coming from abrasion during normal braking use, but these NISMO Brake Pads minimize* this by attenuating the aggressiveness of the rotor. You may still get a little powder on your wheels, but so little that it can be simply rinsed off with just water in a quick cleaning.
*According to comparison tests with previous NISMO products.
Product Number
Compatible Vehicle
Silvia 180SX S13
1. To comply with safety standards, there is no problem with automobile inspections
2. When fitted to an incompatible vehicle or if only the front or rear is attached to a vehicle with both front and rear set, braking stability such as front and rear balance of the brake may be impaired. Be sure to look at the conformance chart and use it in the correct combination. Furthermore, please use the genuine product rear for the model with the front pad only.
3. When replacing the pad, be sure to confirm that the shape of the removed pad and the NISMO pad to be installed are the same.
4. Do not process other than chamfering to prevent noise. It may cause troubles such as abrasive peeling, cracks and abnormal wear.
5. When replacing the pad, be sure to check the removed pad and rotor, and check the caliper and rotor if the pad is uneven wear / abnormal wear. Also, if the rotor is worn, replace it with a new one.
6. When standard brake pads are used, remove removable shims etc. Be sure to remove them, please apply after apply brake grease to the back side of NISMO brake pads. In this case, please pay attention so that the brake grease does not adhere to pad friction material and rotor.
7. There is no need for quenching after replacement, but in order to attach "hit" of pad and rotor, avoid sudden braking for a while after installation, please keep safe driving.
8. Since the touch of the brake and the feeling of braking change after replacement, avoid sudden braking till getting used enough, please keep in mind with careful driving.
9. Since NISMO brake pads emphasize effectiveness (μ) and fade resistance, "squealing" may occur. Please note. Also, please be careful when incorporating, as it will affect brake squeal even in the condition of pad and rotor hit and brake application process.
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