Defi Repair Parts Single Meter Visor For 60mm Gauges DF11201


Single Meter Visor is for removing the virtual image of gauges reflected on the windshield. Can be used for ADVANCE gauges, Defi-Link gauges, and Racer Gauge series.

Single Meter Visor

Parts No.

For 2 1/16″(52mm) gauges: DF11101
For 2 3/8″(60mm) gauges: DF11201

Applicable products ADVANCE gauges 52, 60
Racer Gauge 52, 60
Defi-Link Meter 52, 60
Defi-Link Meter BF 60


Difference between with/without Single Meter Visor

Removes the virtual image of the meter reflected on the windshield as shown in the image.

Meter, meter cup, and holder are not included in the product.
Regular Position Bezel cannot be installed in combination with the Single Meter Visor.



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