APEXI AVC-R Boost Controller Black Model (420-A005/420-X905)


Product Name
AVC-R Boost Controller (Black Model)
Code No.
420-A005 (420-X905)

Product Description

The AVCR is a digital boost controller that allows the user to modify the boost pressure level on turbocharged vehicles. While there are many boost controllers on the market, none of the other includes as many features as the AVCR, period. Despite all of the complex features included the unit, the AVCR is flexible enough to be used by beginners. Entry level users need only to input a desired boost level and the AVCR's trademark self learning CPU processor does the rest.
Setting Parameters Boost/Duty (0.2-2.0 kg/cm), Scramble Boost, RPM (500-9500), Feedback Speed, Boost by Gear, Boost by RPM
Monitoring Parameters Up to 4 channels displayed in Numerical, Graphical, and Analog display modes: (Boost, RPM, Speed, Throttle %, Solenoid Valve Duty Cycle, and Injector Duty Cycle
Instruction Manual (PDF)
Wiring Manual (PDF)
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